Dongchul Sin

Artist, Based in Seoul 


일러스트를 기반으로 서사를 만듭니다. 만화의 형식과 판화의 표현 기법을 통해 주인공인 33이 겪는 이야기를 전달합니다. 각 에피소드들은 피카레스크식 구성을 가지고 있으며, 탄생(peardrop, 2015), 꿈(33,The Dream Anatomy, 2016), 선택(Pizza or Chicken?, 2022), 믿음(Pizza Saver, 2022), 죄(The Heaven and the Sinner,2022)과 같은 키워드로 책을 제작했습니다.

Create a narrative based on the illustration. It is about the story of 33(the main character) through the form of a cartoon and the expression technique of printmaking. Each episode has a picaresque composition, and a book is produced with keywords such as Birth (peardrop, 2015), Dream (33-The Dream Anatomy, 2016), and Decision (Pizza or Chicken?, 2022), the Faith (Pizza Saver, 2022).


2024 M.A. in Design, Seoul National University
2015 B.F.A. in Design, Seoul National University


2024 PaTI: Paju Typography Institute


2023 무신사 솔드아웃(Musinsa Soldout) Collaboration, Seoul
2022 Pizza Saver, 갤러리 워터마크(Watermark), Seoul
2022 Pizza Heaven, 빈칸 을지로(bincan), Seoul
2021 The Dice Man, 왓아티스트두(WAD), Seoul
12/7~17: Degree Show, Seoul National University (Seoul)
10/2~5: 2023 Packer (Seoul) 
9/1~16: Common illustration no.1, Common Imprint (Berlin)
9/1~11: Collector's Box - Market AP, H.art1 Gallery (Seoul)
1/4-1/12: T.P., Seoul national university (Seoul)
11/23-12/10: Komoidia, A.P.23 (Seoul)
9/22-10/2: Sounds About Riso, UsagiNY (New York)
7/9-7/18: Grimdosi; The Last City Museum, Subtitled (New York)
4/28-5/7 전주 국제영화제, 100 Films 100 Posters, 팔복예술공장 (Jeonju)
4/29-5/8 전주 국제영화제, 100 Films 100 Posters, 팔복예술공장 (Jeonju)
COS Project Space, Cheongdam COS x The Book Society

Self publications (Art Book)︎

2023 Pear Drop 2nd Edition / 85 x 123 x 24mm / 312 page
2023 Paradise lost / 141 x 200mm
2022 The Heaven and the Sinner / 200x 285mm / 100 page
2022 Pizza Saver / 130 x 180mm / 24 page
2022 Pizza or Chicken? / 142 x 205mm / 42 page
2018 Splash / 210 x 280mm / 32 page
2016 33, The Dream Anatomy / 420 x 297mm / 48 page
2015 Pear Drop (redbook) / 188 x 137mm / 312 page
2015 Pear Drop / 420 x 297mm / 20 page 

Artbook fair︎

2024 Taipei Art Book Fair, 華山1914 論文創, Taipei (Soon)
2024 Unlimited Edition 16, 북서울미술관, Seoul (Soon)
2024 Open M Fair(by abC), Beijing, China
2024 Sea Art Fair, Shanghai, China
2023 MissRead, Berlin, Germany
2023 abC Art Book Fair, Beijing, China

2023 Singapore Art Book Fair, Singapore Art Museum at Tanjong Pagar Distripark, Singapore
2023 CUT COPY PASTE 2023, Temasek Polytechnic, Singapore
2022 Taipei Art Book Fair, 華山1914 論文創
(Huashan 1914 Cultural and Creative Industries Park), Taipei
2022 Unlimited Edition 14, 북서울미술관, Seoul
2022 Grimdosi, 문화역서울284, Seoul
2018 Taipei Art Book Fair, Songshan Cultural Park, Taipei
2018 Unlimited Edition 10, 북서울미술관, Seoul
2017 Unlimited Edition 9, 일민미술관, Seoul
2017 삼례 북페어, 삼례책마을, 완주(Wanju-gun), Korea
2017 Tokyo Art Book Fair, Warehouse TERRADA, Tokyo
2016 Unlimited Edition 8, 일민미술관, Seoul
2015 Unlimited Edition 7(Seoul Artbookfair), 일민미술관, Seoul


2024 Design Magazine CA 274, (Collectible Toys & Design)
2022 Graphic#49, (Unlimited Edition)
2022 Design Magazine CA 264, (illustration&material)
2022 Monthly Design Vol.528 (해킹 젠더 바운더리)
2021 Design Magazine CA 259 (Work Eat Drink)

2024 PaTV (PaTI 연찬) 신동철, 책으로 떠나는 여행, Youtube
2022 Marie Claire (Taiwan) (about Taipeiartbookfair), article
2022 Taiwan News (about Taipeiartbookfair), article
2022 BIOS (about Taipeiartbookfair), article
2019 THE BOYZ - Butterfly (Book: 33_Dream Anatomy), MV

Art fair

2023 The Preview Art Fair(더프리뷰 성수), S Factory D동, Seoul, Korea 
2022 ULSAN International Art Fair(울산국제아트페어) 신진작가전, Ulsan, Korea




K-art Sharing(미술공유서비스)︎

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